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Happy Couples

Deetra & Seymour

Using the honeymoon gift registry was the best idea. The registry truly gave us the honeymoon of our dreams.

Deetra & Seymour

The customer service was truly awesome. All of my requests and questions were responded to in the most helpful and prompt fashion.

Elise and Shane
Amy & Austin

It was the easiest site to use and the gift money was in our account the next day. I received so many positive comments from my guests.

Amy & Austin

The best part were the options such as money for souvenirs, airfare, the resort, excursions and more. It gave guests a lot to choose from and it was so easy to get our money.

Marne & Joe

I would totally recommend it. People feel like they're really contributing to your marriage and happiness!

Heather & Scott
Maggie & Logan

It's an amazing website and I'm so glad we registered with Honeymoon Wishes. This was the only way we could have afforded such an amazing honeymoon.

Maggie & Logan

The registry was so easy to use, from setting up the page to receiving the money! I didn't have to worry at all.

Aarin & Eirik

Many family members don't like giving cash and this is a simple way to make your honeymoon spectacular.

Jennifer & Greg

You will love how much you will be able to do on your honeymoon! Not only was it easy but we received so many compliments from our guests.

Sara & Mark
Tara & Justin

Make this your #1 registry! Cash for your honeymoon really comes in handy after all the wedding expenses.

Tara & Justin

Who needs a bread maker when you can have a candlelight dinner on your honeymoon!

Kristi & Paul

It's the greatest thing in the world for couples who do not need any more kitchenware. It added luxury options to our honeymoon that we wouldn’t necessarily purchase.

Catherine & Timothy

You guys have thought of everything to make this the easiest process ever! Who would ever think that planning a honeymoon would be so simple and fun!

Jennifer & Todd

We loved it because it was easy for our guests and it gave us some great ideas for the honeymoon.

Melissa & Steve